B2B Total, large network of companies together with dealers, a unique product developed to help create competitive advantage for competing products and organizations.

B2B Total



Main Company, Dealers, Branches and Sub-Vendors can work on the same platform. Thus, the resources to be spent for inter-company integration will be minimized.

B2B total you don’t need to make an initial investment. You will start working immediately by selecting the modules, use them as you needed and pay as you used.

Developed with the principles of responsive design and you can use all functions from your tablet or phone in any location.

It is a Cloud Native Application. You take advantage of all the cloud computing benefits from security to scalability. You can be positioned as private cloud or work through public cloud. Also, start to use B2B TOTAL You don’t have to pay high-priced licenses, hire a large server and invest in infrastructure.

B2B TOTAL is not developped just for today’s needs. B2B total is designed to meet the future needs of your organization along many years, B2B TOTAL offers solutions that makes life easier for users with machine learning algorithms, data mining applications, data search solutions etc.

Main data management is provided from one point. Thus, partners use the same data structure in the same way. The common data structure provides more advantage from analysis to integration. Data pollutions is prevented and The spread of information extremity accelearate.