These days, when we are experiencing Industry 4.0 revolution, we are connecting to the internet from all types of devices apart from our computers and mobile phones. Thus, there are accumulations of data produced through all kinds of objects, such as smart watches, wearable devices such as bracelets and necklaces, cars, white goods, small household appliances, electronic appliances, worktops, work machines and even consumer goods themselves. In the past, corporate operations and operational data were collected. Now, the data is collected in types such as picture, video, voice recording, social media message, location, acceleration and speed information, relation between objects, high frequency signal. Data diversity is increasing day by day.

Storing and processing the collected data in cloud easily and in large quantities enables us to use advanced analytics techniques, namely Data Mining (DM), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Topics such as obtaining information hidden in the data, forward predictions high accuracy, learning decision support systems have begun to enter our lives.

As SISTEK, we are serving our customers with our experienced consultants in Advanced Analytics, which we believe to be the most important component of the necessary digital transformation on the road to the goal of Industry 4.0. We provide project team training, identification of project objectives, prototype work, project concept consulting and project development services. We can offer these services in the entire process or in any part of the process starting from the planning phase and until your project is deployed.