The concept of Industry 4.0, which can be described as “Industrial Digitalization”, should be considered as digitalization of not just a production line or just an activity  but all departmens and processes of the company. Even with a different perspective, it should be seen as not just the activities within a single company but also the innovations that allow the same business process to be continuously managed and monitored by different companies.

The importance of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software  is increased in this new era, which started with the Industrial 4.0 Revolution, where all activities of the production are controlled.

Having superior success and international experience in the Manufacturing Data Collection projects since its establishment, SISTEK has combined its accumulated experience as the corporate solution in the title of IOSIS-MES.

MES: Manufacturing Execution System
SSM: Sales and Service Management
ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
SCM: Supply Chain Management
P/PE: Product and Process Eng.
Controls: PLC, DCS, Line and Machine Control


As a result of years of experience in the market, we observed that MES is not adapted or adapted superficially by necessity of integration in most of the adaptations of the organizations that manufacture ERP packages. Whereas, when adapted, MES can ensure that all these processes are effective and fully integrated into the process.

At this point, we thought that the structure that will lead the production organizations to the world standards stands between supply chain, ERP, production-related processes. Therefore, we have developed a solution IOSIS-MES that is a bridge to the flow of information between processes and can perform central data collection and distribution and bi-directional reporting and routing of critical activities related to the system from the collected data in accordance with changing conditions through the supply chain for all other enterprise systems. We have transformed our solution into a success story at the British American Tobacco Nigeria Factory.

British American Tobacco Product Security System
The system that is installed contains the concept of MES completely and it includes production security and traceability. Product security can be defined as a customized subset of IOSIS-MES.  In short, the Production Safety system can be expressed as ensuring the correct and reliable use of the materials used in the numerous product ranges in the factory. Because of the fact that the production nature involves a chaotic construction, it is inevitable to use a fast, agile and reusable infrastructure and architecture. Theoretical plans are diverted by momentary turns for many reasons during the day, and similar structures must be established for safe production.

Basically, starting from the raw material storage, material flows and production flows are entered into the system. The system follows the material flow and ensures that the correct material is used in the right place.Production is secured, including packaging operations. Thanks to the system, material, manufacturing and shipping mistakes are prevented.Traceability is monitored via IOSIS-MES. Production plans, prescriptions and main definitions are taken from SAP and results are transferred to SAP as production confirmations.

In the infrastructure of IOSIS-MES system, which will accommodate concepts such as security, speed and continuity, Sistek is using the software languages such as ORACLE database, java and .NET, PLC integrations and serves solutions via Barcode Printers and Readers, specially developed systems for Speed Reading, Mobile Terminals, industrial terminals.

The maintenance support processes at BAT Nigeria have been successfully carried out for many years and many modules that are requested have been developed and commissioned. Examples are the Print & Apply labeling system, BI Reporting and Dashboard.